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Truck Accessories Tacoma WA

Top of the Line Accessories for Your Truck

Truck Accessories Tacoma WAWith the wide variety of terrains and climates in the Pacific Northwest, owning a truck is essential. While it’s necessary, don’t settle for leaving your truck looking average like every other truck around. Call Auto FX today to get the best-customized auto accessories and electronic accessories in Tacoma, WA for your vehicle to help it look and operate amazingly. You invested your hard-earned money into the truck, so outfit it with the finest selection of aftermarket attachments in the Tacoma area. With so many options available, allow one of our professional truck experts to help you make the best decision for your aftermarket additions.

Since 1995, Auto FX has been helping the truck owners of Tacoma and the surrounding area with outfitting their trucks with high-quality add-ons. For us, reputation is everything, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with sound expertise and professional customer service. We are your one-stop-shop for interior upgrades, new paint, sunroof repair, electronic and safety systems, and other updates to your truck.

Many Different Options for Your Truck

When it comes to aftermarket accessories for your truck, it’s hard to pin down the right selection. Different parts get used for different things. Here’s a look at the many options of extra gear you can add to your truck from Auto FX:

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers are hard or soft covers for truck owners to use for enclosing or protecting their truck beds. They help keep your truck bed dry and protected from all the elements, something that’s crucial for living in the Pacific Northwest. Tonneau covers can also help secure valuables like golf clubs, hunting gear, and tools. They can also help prevent theft if you are transporting goods. Tonneau covers can come in several different styles like roll-up soft covers, retractable vinyl, aluminum, or plastic covers. Hard plastic or hinged lids are a trendy choice among truck drivers. Ask our sales staff about our selection of tonneau covers today!

Spray-On Bed Liners

At Auto FX, we firmly believe in protecting your investment! Using a truck bed liner allows you to have a protective coating that protects the bed for an extended period. It shields your truck bed, giving it a skid-proof surface that enables you to have peace of mind when hauling cargo. We recommend Bullet Liner Spray, a material that got tested in the most extreme temperatures and harshest conditions. However you use your truck, Bullet Liner spray is worth the money for your investment. It gives your vehicle a more robust look while making it tougher for all of your uses. Whatever you use your truck for, choose Bullet Liner spray.

Bug Shields

If you do a lot of driving during the summer months when the bugs are in full force, a bug shield is a necessity. Insects can destroy your paint job and stain your truck. Bug shields can help keep bugs away from your vehicle and can help keep it looking clean and crisp.

Custom Truck Accessories Tacoma WAMud Flaps

Living in the Pacific Northwest means that truck drivers deal with a lot of rain and mud. Mudflaps can be easily installed in the wheel wells and are very durable additions for your truck.

Fender Flares & Bumper Guards

When looking at accessories for your truck, fender flares, and bumper guards are two essential items. Fender flares are an extension of your fender. They help provide more coverage for over-sized and heavy custom tires and wheels, as well as deflecting rocks and other debris from damaging your truck. Bumper guards help keep your paint, grill, and bumper safe in small collisions or small accidents.

Running Boards

Also known as “step boards,” running boards help provide a level of safety to your truck, no matter what the height of your vehicle is. They help aide drivers and passengers alike with getting in and out of the truck efficiently. They also add a nice aesthetic touch to your vehicle.

Your Local Aftermarket Attachment Experts

Auto FX is your locally owned and trusted truck accessories dealer in Tacoma. We provide your truck with high-quality aftermarket add-ons that can improve both the functionality and look of your vehicle. Ask one of our experts today about how we can give your truck an upgraded look with custom additions!