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Sunroof Tacoma WA

Sunroof Tacoma WAGet A Sunroof For Your Car or Truck

Have you always wanted to feel the air flowing through your hair, but your car doesn’t have a sunroof? Auto FX can help you achieve that dream! Since 1995, we’ve been selling and installing quality power sunroofs for our loyal customers. Our expert team also specializes in auto accessories, leather interior and heated seats, electronic accessories, phone integration, and window tinting in Tacoma, WA! We sell and install Webasto sunroofs for cars and trucks. Make the sky come alive and outfit your vehicle with a new power sunroof by Webasto and installed by the professionals at Auto FX. We’re proud to be Tacoma’s one-stop-shop for all your auto accessory needs!

Webasto Sunroof Sales and Installation

At Auto FX, we sell and install only Webasto sunroofs. We feature both the “in-built” style and the “spoiler” style full power sunroofs. What could be better than feeling the sunshine on your skin, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the beauty of nature on your day-to-day drives? Experience it all with a brand new Webasto sunroof for your car or truck installed by the professional in-house installation team at Auto FX. We care about our customers, that’s why reputation is everything. We want you to be pleased with your new sunroof, which is why we do everything right the first time.

So, how does it work? Here’s a look into how our installation process works:

  1. Determine If It Will Work For Your Car: Before we get started with any installation, it is essential for us to measure the space needed to install it. We measure the exterior and interior area where it will potentially be. We also check to see if the car can handle the power capabilities.
  2. Pick A Style: Once we take measurements, you can pick the type of Webasto brand sunroof you want to in your car. We sell and install both the “in-built” and “spoiler” styles.
  3. Installation: After you choose the type you want, we get to work installing. You’ll find that we form, fit, and seal all of our power sunroofs at an extremely high and professional level. We make sure that it doesn’t leak at all.

We guarantee that you’ll love your new Webasto sunroof!

Sunroof Leak Tacoma WASunroof Leak Diagnosis & Repair

Is your sunroof leaking or not working correctly? Bring it to the experts at Auto FX to have it properly diagnosed! We can troubleshoot and repair most roofs factory or aftermarket. Our technicians are certified and have over 20 years of experience with installation and repair methods.

Your Local Car and Truck Sunroof Experts

Auto FX has been selling and installing high-quality sunroofs since 1995. Our technicians are all trained and certified on how to properly install your new sunroof. Auto FX is a name you can trust for all of your auto accessories and auto customization needs! Reputation is everything to us, so see why we’re the best in the business. Call one of our sunroof experts today! Ask about our installation services and how we can make your dreams of having a sunroof in your car or truck come true!